ONEN Committees Old North End neighbors have a commitment to maintain their historic properties and medians and to promote the family friendly community we all call home.

Transit Studies Plans

Transit Studies and Plans There is evidence of resident action on mass transit concerns going back to 1916.  Mass transit can have substantial costs and benefits for the residents in close proximity. 2004 Rapid Transit System Master Plan – This study commissioned for the city by the Parsons Transportation Group concluded that “no rail or …

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Transit Problems Solutions

Transit Problems and Solutions The Key Issue Our current transit system (routes 9 and 19) is scaled appropriately for our region, but it is inappropriately centralized on two neighboring streets, resulting in distant walks for riders from east and west regions of ONEN and Patty Jewett.  The planned Transit Corridor will have no benefits, substantial …

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Transit Committees

Transit Committee Mission Of The ONEN Transit Committee Recognizing that a robust and efficient transit system is essential to the health and mobility of a thriving community, we aim to work with various stakeholders to optimize the network serving our region.  We strongly encourage a distributed system that reduces walking distance for our local riders, …

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Committees Home

Historic Preservation Committee  The Old North End’s Historic Preservation Committee is often at the forefront of neighborhood activities devoted to the preservation of its significant architecture and history. Five books and continuing house plaque and oral history programs capture and convey its stories. Along with other community organizations, the Old North End Neighborhood and its …

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